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As a domestic abuse survivor, I know that organisations like The Haven Wolverhampton are invaluable when it comes to providing support to the women and families in their local community.
The Haven Wolverhampton provides practical and emotional support for women and children who have been subjected to Domestic Abuse, and women who are at risk of homelessness.
They have set a target to ask every business & organisation in the UK to sign up to their Purple Pledge.  Their aim is to support the introduction of Domestic Abuse policies that enable employers and their staff to recognise abuse, respond appropriately to disclosures in the workplace, and make referrals to the right support agencies.

I've signed up - will you?

The Haven Wolverhampton


The UK Sepsis Trust

I lost my dad to sepsis, we didn't recognise the signs.
The UK Sepsis Trust are a National charity founded in the West Midlands  whose aim is to create awareness, stop preventable deaths and support those affected by sepsis and their families.

Did you know that 5 people die with sepsis in the UK every hour? I didn't
Did you know that sepsis is your bodies response to an illness where the immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the body? I didn't
I didn't know what sepsis was until it was too late 

Do you know all the signs of sepsis? if you don't then check out their website



Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre

Pershore & District Volunteer Centres have worked tirelessly for over 30 years to reduce rural and social isolation for their communities.

Safeguarding residents in rural communities can be a challenge. There is potential for incidents to be missed more easily, the nearest police station or hospital could be miles away, the lack of regular and reliable public transport could hinder those trying to flee violence.

Pershore Plus aim to reduce the isolation and provide support those in rural areas when they need it most. 

For further information on how you can volunteer or provide much needed funds check out their website

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