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At Dilloway Training Services, we understand how critical it is to have the right knowledge and skills to identify and address safeguarding concerns. Our courses provide important discussions and insights on real-life case scenarios, and give you the tools you need to make a difference. Sign up today for one of our courses.

Level 1 Safegarding Awareness

Our Level 1 Awareness of Safeguarding course is the perfect choice for those who require an accredited safeguarding training suitable for all levels. This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of safeguarding which can be used in a workplace, activity group or any instance where a person comes into contact with children or adults at risk. Our expert instructors will teach you how to identify safeguarding concerns, record a disclosure and report to the appropriate person.

Accredited Safer Recruitment 

Our Accredited Safer Recruitment Training course is designed to support organisations with both the HR and Safeguarding processes ensuring full compliance of regulations including the safe recruitment of employees and with the aim of deterring unsuitable applicants.


Our trainers are fully accredited trainers for the Safer Recruitment Consortium, which ensures you are getting the most up to date information inline with KCSIE.

Look for the Safer Recruitment Tick to ensure compliance with the highest standards.

Well-being Training

We offer a range of well-being training courses designed to support your employees with their well-being in the workplace, creating positive culture and reducing turnover and sickness absence.

Level 3 Safeguarding Children, YP & Adults

Our Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Level 3 training is aimed at equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people. We ensure that all participants understand how to recognise and report abuse in any field they are directly involved in. By being able to safeguard themselves and seek help to report incidents, our training will enable participants to protect both themselves and those they work closely with.

DSL Consultancy

Are you a smaller organisation who doesn't have the resources for more than 1 DSL in place.

We can support DSL's through consultancy, to give an added confidence to the decision making process.

Bespoke Training Packages

We offer a range of additional training packages which can be tailored to your organisation, so you can make sure your employees are getting the most relevant and up-to-date training.

What Our Clients Say

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"The level of detail was fabulous.  You can never have enough advice and guidance. I was there to learn more and I definitely did"
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